Friday, January 06, 2017

A gorgeous morning

Over here in winter, it's not unusual to have overcast days where the skies are filled with looming clouds which tend not to rain, but just keeps the sun resolutely hidden, resulting in grey, cold days. I didn't mind those days, I quite like the melancholy of it, and secretly think it's rather poetically romantic even.

Also, it means that days when one wakes up to clear blue skies and bright sunshine, you appreciate it so much more, and are more likely to make the most of it, than if you had it all the time. 

It was such a morning that we happily went on a jaunt around the village, spending quite a bit of time in a lovely little jardin a mere 15-minute walk away. AB's brother came along with his two-year-old girl, who's at that delightful age where she's just starting to develop her own character, but is not articulate enough to have full on arguments or render one speechless with questions, yet. That's an age I can handle with some degree of comfort, given my hopelessness with children. Also, thankfully the little girl didn't hate me on sight, and was generally easy to coax. Phew. 

As much as I love grey gloomy days, there is something special about being out in the sun, especially rejuvenating when the air is crisp and cool. Being in the village with barely any traffic also meant the air tasted exceptionally clean too. Awesomest. 

Such are days when words can't do them justice. I quietly sneaked shots of all that glorious blue and green, but mostly, the phone/cam was tucked away, so I could immerse in the beauty completely. I may or may not have skipped quite a bit, or laughed out loud (but quietly) at some points. At least I didn't throw myself onto the lovely green (but moist) grass and roll around till I was covered in mud, like a certain impish little girl. Heeeheee. 

Such are days we live for. 

It's not hard to get a good shot.
Blue skies and reflections

Spot the little imp
Caught in the act!
Stop. Breathe. Smile


kein said...

Those brilliant shades of blue! Love the pic with the lake reflection.

imp said...

Ooh. Enjoy the awesome outdoors in this weather!

b.muse said...

@kein: Yes that's my favourite shot too! :)

@imp: Basking in it whenever I can! :D