Wednesday, September 12, 2007

listening comprehension

After a long day at work, all factors were conducive to hop into yoga at the gym tonight - location, timing, I even lugged all my gear.


The body was really craving for a good long run. Which I did. Heaved the heavy gym bag back home, then went for a mind-emptying jog at the park.

The bliss from listening to that lil voice of truth is simply incomparable. Not forgetting the immense satisfaction of fulfillment too. Too often, it's so easy to ignore that nagging small voice of logic and truth, drowned out by the lazy drawl whispering all manners of temptations and paths of least resistance into your ears, playing into your every weakness that who else but yourself would know best. I suppose that's why the inner devil is the hardest to fight.

But I'm slowly learning, listening more carefully to that quiet murmur. And as I learn to refocus my attentions, it gets a lil more firm, a lil more clear. And I'm reminded, of how we can be our worst enemies, but our best friends too. :)

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