Monday, June 25, 2007


It was madness at work last week, and for more than half of today.

Four days of trying to manage two camps with 100 kiddies in total, with a variety of challenges and patience-stretching.

And another huge news story that kept everyone on their toes, scrambling to get all the clippings done first thing in the morning, attending meetings, and other mandatory duties.

The entire slew of events have rendered me speechless. I stare at the screen, wanting to blog about what happened, and share some musings and thoughts. But the mind is in overdrive.

It feels like I've exhausted my word quota, and the brain refuses to churn out any more for anything else. For now at least.


Maybe later...



mummybean said...

oh, poor you! the past week's events must have been stressful...

b.muse said...

beanbean: Oh I'm ok actually, just find myself having to scurry about a lot! More of info overload than anything! :p