Monday, December 04, 2006


at finishing the final, and furthest race I've signed up for this year. My first half-marathon too.

non-stop. *beams*

The weather was perfect (rainy but without the rain kinda cool, cloudy skies).
The route was friendly (very little slopes, mostly near-flat terrain).
And I was in good form. :)

Went for it slow, and maintained a comfortable pacing throughout. I was surprised that I actually could run throughout, given past experiences where the fatigue and mental started barely 2km into the race. But this time round, it was just comfortable and really fun. The nano was blasting a single track throughout - my workout theme song - which blocked out the world and motivated me to keep going. And going. And going.

Perhaps it helped that I started late, thus not so easily influenced by other runners, and thus it was entirely me with myself all the way.

The stitches came and went, slight nausea also hit from time to time, and the feet were burning on and off. But all these did naught to make me even feel the inclination to stop.

The crunch time was really in the last 2km, when I could really feel the strain, and it was a long stretch uphill going onto the esplanade bridge, but I just refused to stop and walk even for a while. Not after I had run 19km non-stop! So this bemusedtots drew on some of them inner strength, ignored the whiney protests in the head, and even upped the speed to finish with a near sprint. Even managed a smile for the cam as I passed the finishing line - a lil something I resolved to do - really look like I enjoyed the race. Which I did, immensely.

Along the way, there were runners that were an inspiration, such as some old men who look like they're in their late 70's or 80's, steadily running along, putting the panting young men walking to shame. :p And I saw a runner pushing his baby in a pram in front of him!

It was also interesting to read the tags on the back of some runners stating their reason for joining the race, or encouragement for fellow runners. Had an 'awww' moment when I past this couple jogging side by side, with the guy wearing the tag 'cos I love my wife!' and the girl's 'cos I love my hubbie!!'

I offered a few smiles and 'keep going!' when passing by some weary looking runner who's walking, and all just have this same reaction of a startled look, followed by a wary smile. Oh well, I tried. :p

Looking back, I've certainly come a long way this year, picking up this interest which had been more of an occasional sport I do on and off in the past. And it's been a great journey preparing for it, pushing your own limits and meeting all these targets and achievements. I have definitely gotten to know myself a bit more, and must say I am a stronger person now.

So it was definitely a good end to the year. My final race, the furthest I've gone, with a timing I'm proud of too. Finished 2:30:57. And the best thing is that I enjoyed every moment (and almost every km) of it.

Mighty pleased am I. =)


Anonymous said...

good time!!! well done you! i don't even think i can do 10km. muahahahah.

b.muse said...

thanks babe! Yeah very pleased with the timing.. :)

I didn't think i could either, so quite proud of myself! Heeheehee. :p

yuling said...

wooooowww! you are one strong girl, physically and mentally! congrats gal! =) you put me to great shame..i whine about running round the neighbourhood, which is such a teeny weeny one!

b.muse said...

Aiyo, you're making me blush! :p

Thanks sweetie.. And I admire you for the green fingers and domestic goddess traits! =)

Anonymous said...

eh... u cannot even wait for a min to get infront when we set off during the run huh... FULL marathon next year onz??? we've got a year to prepare le... ;op

b.muse said...

Brian: I did! I waited for a min!! :p

Haha sorry la, I too used to running alone on my own pacing liao. Full next year?? Eh, we see how it goes ya? Haha.