Tuesday, December 05, 2006

fool again

yes, after my wonderful wisdom made its presence felt - specifically on my lower left jaw - only to be removed without much appreciation.

it was an ordeal alright. left this bemusedtots in much pain, a hole in the pocket, and none the wiser.

this humongous piece of wisdom came with tripod, deep, curved roots, which only meant it was firmly lodged in the gum. so not fun to remove, as you can imagine.

the kindly dentist had to administer anesthesia multiple times throughout the 1.5hr op to ease my immense pain. so much so that even though I've never been needle-phobic, I would cringe at the sight of another injection syringe, at least in the short run.

the pain was excruciating for all of two hours plus after the op, but thankfully abated, probably thanks to the candy-coated happy pills prescribed to alleviate this horrid aftermath. Had the pain gone on any longer, I probably would have gone mad or something.

at its peak, I forced myself to stop moaning and panicking, instead focusing on taking deep breaths and visualising the wounds closing and healing. amazingly, it helped. never underestimate the power of the mind, once again I'm reminded. and miraculously, I actually managed to fall asleep. pain-fighting must have taken a lot of energy, for me to be able to slumber with the misery. woke up to find that the pain had more or less subsided, much to my relief.

unfortunately, the same could not be said for the swelling, which would probably only be gone in the next few days. And till then, I just have to live with half a hamster face. without the pain, it looked pretty amusing actually, I even took pics to compare the two sides of my face, but something wrong with the pic-uploading function, so maybe later. It was really quite funny to see my face, half squarish and half round. Funny cos the squarish part is the swollen half, as I have a round face! Haha.

So for the rest of the week, I shall be cooped up at home, on a one-week mc. Poor poor me, am gonna miss working and being in the office, wasting away at home instead... Heehee. :p

But one heartfelt thought: just thankful that this came after my run, and at a time of the year where there are no big events or projects at work.

I just pray I don't have to go through it again. Foolish I shall remain, no more wisdom please!

Edit:: spot the difference!
(please excuse the unkempt hair and blemished complexion, not really in the mood to glam up for the cam. Just focus on the jawline which is the main point. Heh.)

the right side

the wrong side :p


yuling said...

aiyo, you poor thing! rest well! ha, when my first wisdom tooth was operated on many years back, i hid in the toilet at great world for a full hour! round face + internal surgery = blown up chipmunk = HIDEOUS.

imp said...

oh gosh. i'm going to have a nightmare tonight dreaming about needles, teeth and gums.

bring on the ice-cream babe. hope the swelling goes down asap.

b.muse said...

yuling: Thanks babe! Yeah luckily the dental is near my place, so I didn't manage to traumatise anyone with the half-stuffed hammy face! :p

imp: Oops, hope I haven't given you any nightmares babe! :p

Yeah, ice-cream is good. Haha. The swelling gradually getting better, but heard that after this will be discolouration! ARGH. :/

Ally said...

i had mine done like 3 months ago, i think to have a fast and painless healing is to have a realgood specialist for the surgery!
i could eat like solids a few hrs after the op! iwas quite amazed after hearng horror stories... =)

b.muse said...

Oriental Queen: Lucky you! Yeah individual experiences vary, had frens who went thru it smoothly too. :)

I just console myself that I'm much better off than many others already. :p