Friday, October 13, 2006

more on smoke n' fumes

On a different kinda 'smoke' - fumigation in the neighbourhood

The Good
Knowing that the authorities are doing something to help kill some of those irksome roaches and mozzies, giving us a cleaner and safer living envo.

The Bad
Feeling like one of the pests when ya entire house is engulfed in those fumes. Or the coughing and spluttering induced by being caught unaware and walking into a mist in the neighbourhood.

The Ugly
Seeing the evidence and results of the fumigation: the carcasses of poisoned roaches strewn all over the void deck, in various stages of their life cycle.

So this bemusedtots was skipping her way to the bus stop this morn - not cos it's Friday, but more to gingerly avoid stepping on any of those eeky brown corpses.

so. not. bemused.

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