Friday, October 13, 2006

balancing post..

to balance the negativity in the previous ones. :p

On such a weekend-mood Friday afternoon, a sweeet surprise from AneB brought a big smile to my face. Back from lunch at Holland V, she thoughtfully bought each of us our fav bread and pastries from Provence - our fav bakery that produces yummy yummy treats.

A lovely walnut flower bun now sits on my desk, a perfect afternoon munchy. :)))

A gesture that shows she kept us in mind, and the reminder that we noe each others preference well enuff to be able to spring a surprise that she noes we like.

I feel all fuzzy n warm inside. :)


Anonymous said...

choc bread....:(

b.muse said...

lilsnooze:: Oh yes tat too!! But she din manage to get I tink. :p

It was featured in Urban this week! Haha.