Wednesday, July 05, 2006

morning madness

is when my entire family actually got up to watch the WC Semis this morning - which is actually quite a historical event (referring to our interest, not the match. :p).

And it was a novel and entertaining experience.

I was rooting for Germany to win this one, can't explain why, just one of those times when you're instinctively drawn to a team. And we were as stunned as the rest of the world with the spectacular 2 consecutive goals that Italy managed to score in the final final final few moments. Couldn't help but be impressed by Italy's tight defense though, especially the first half. While the shattered expressions on the Germans (team and fans) was heartbreaking, I guess it's not entirely unexpected actually. Somehow, it felt like they were playing out of sorts, even though I did not follow every single match.

And my sis and I were highly entertained by the playing of this and this player on the German team. They were both tall and lanky, which would have been a great physique usually, but not for this sport as it turned out. :p We were tickled watching them trip all over their long limbs during the game, so much so that at times it was almost painful to watch. However, we were bowled over by this other tallie, whom we felt performed super well throughout the match.

Well, all in all it was an exciting match, though now I'm paying for it, all bleary-eyed and kinda stoned. Planning to catch the other semi also, so I foresee that I will turn into a panda at the end of this! Hm, good thing I only do this once in four years, and I only follow the final few matches. Haha.

And can I just say I found new respect for all you guys who have followed most of the matches from day 1! RESPECT!! *salutes*


Ally said...

haha i don't get how the guys can watch the matches and still go to work later either!
but since i'm vain and i don't want es to look like someone punched me, i'd rather get my beauty rest and watch the highlights later.

b.muse said...

Hi Oriental Queen! :)

Ha so true! Beauty vs soccer: it's pretty much a no-contest. We sure know our priorities. Heehee.