Monday, July 03, 2006

monday mumblings

For the weekend that flew past, I had planned for:
1. gym session on Fri night
2. blading and run on Sat
3. tanning @ Sentosa on Sun

So. I managed to accomplish items 1 and 3 - Two out of three, 66.67%. Not too bad ya? Except that item 2 is actually the bulk of the actions.

Bahh. Oh well, at least the gym sesh was good, though had the funny suspicion that the staff at my dear gym was plotting to make us leave so they could watch the WC? Halfway thru my run, all the TV sets on the cardio floor shut off, together with an entire row of treadmills. This was followed by a row of lights suddenly going off, then resumed but with a dim glow. The timing, being at 10.30pm, jus half hr before the first QF match, made me can't help but ponder the possibility of a scam. Perhaps it was a faint hope that the few no-life, non WC-fervent gym rats would give up on their workout, or end it early so they could possibly knock off early too? :p

If that's the case, bemusedtots was not only amused, but impressed with their ingenuity. *applause applause* Sadly though, the scant few that they were targetting did not find the dim lighting, no tv AND no music reasons enuff to terminate their workout for the night. But well, at least they tried! My sympathies go out to the two poor gym enthusiasts who looked so lost when their treadmills suddenly went out, though truth be told, I was more relieved that my row of machines (directly behind them!) was spared the fate. Heh.

At the start of the new week, thou shalt be healthier, and run/blade/workout more often! Starting with a run tml evening! *determined*

On a separate random note, discovered two new loves!
~ Lay's salt & vinegar chips! *oink*
~ Reading Anne Rice - an attempt at a departure from my usual read of trashy novels chick-lit, it's a pretty refreshing and engaging change!

(oh, additional pc of trivia: realised when I was borrowing this bk that NLB has doubled our borrowing limit - frm May - Jul 06. Strange limit huh? In conjunction with.. GSS?? *baffled*)


Jayce said...

Girl, not GSS, just that they can't reach their target readership so they start doubling the borrowing limit :p

b.muse said...

Ahhhh.. *enlightened*
Haha. Mystery solved - was wondering why if they wanted to double our limit but only for two months! :p