Thursday, June 08, 2006


Like my bestest best fren JazzX said, 'You always have like week-long celebration for ya bday!'

Indeed, it must been a habit from my childhood, when my dear mum would celebrate my bday by throwing parties - a gathering of my many cousins, relatives and classmates. Therefore, I always felt compelled to celebrate my bday, literally. A burfday somehow jus feels sad if I dun get to spend it with closed ones, though I know that it's just another day. :p

This year, I started by treating myself for a hairstyle revamp - sat in the salon for THREE hours and parted with a hefty sum of moolah for this do. Which I love love love~~! (Thank goodness.) And actually colored it with streaks of coppery highlights which are not v obvious, but am still pretty pleased with. :)

Next was meeting up my party kakis for drinks at O Bar. Where they succeeded in getting me rather.. intoxicated. :p *hics*.
But it was Über fun, catching up with the babes, chilling to nice nice music, and later shaking our booties on the dancefloor! Heehee.

Some pics to show:

1. My new look. :)

2. Xin & Mi, who always seem to be taking pics in toilets! Haha.

3. Xin, mi and Sharon - looking like 3 rather tipsy ladies. :p

More pics and updates to follow.. =)

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