Thursday, June 01, 2006

petite plaisirs

Little joys and simple pleasures - every person has his or her own unique list of these.
Things that can make you smile on dreary days, when your feet drags, or your heart sinks, even breathing seems like a chore. Then a small gesture, or a happy sight jus lifts your spirits and tugs your hand, reminding you that there is more to life than work, deadlines, or whatever (or whomever) is getting you down. And suddenly you feel lighter, breezier, no longer trudging but skipping along.

Ten of my petite plaisirs:
1. an impromptu call from my sweetest from Down Under - morning, afternoon, night. it works everytime.

2. the return of Marks & Spencer's waterlily and blueberry series - was so sad when I thought they were discontinued!

3. savouring a stick of Magnum, coated with choc and mummy dearest's love - indulgence from normally frugal her, just goes to show how much she dotes on us. luv her to bits!

4. a nice strong cuppa with a great engaging read - never fails to make mi happy.

5. relaxing run that rejuvenates and not exhausts - it's the endorphins working!

6. meeting up with chums, so cosy that the silences are comfy rather than stifling - Like I've said before, comfort company can do wonders.

7. b-day greetings from frens, days before, on the day, even belated - I love them all, jus for remembering. even if it's remembering that they forgot. Haha.

8. a session of pilates/yoga that gives me that much-needed stretch and leaves me with that peaceful joy - oh so relaxing.. try it if you haven't!

9. sight of glorious bloom of morning glories growing wild - yes, my fav weeds!

10. watching a good thought-invoking movie by myself - there are some things that are best enjoyed in solitude. :)

What are some of yours? Ü

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