Wednesday, May 10, 2006

sniff not!!

There have been news and messages going round warning ppl to beware of sales promotors approaching you to try smell the perfume they're selling, which would knock you out, after which they will proceed to rob you.

My mum mentioned to me last week, and I just received an sms from a fren saying that this happened in Parkway Parade carpark.

While I still maintain some sceptism about the credibility of this piece of info, and for the life of me cannot understand why people would pay attention to anyone selling things in a carpark, thought I should still drop a cautionary mention here.

Apparently, it's actually also listed as an
urban legend. Hmmm. But i guess it's better to be safe, no?

Hope no one reads something like this and goes into hysterics when the nice Chanel/CK/Vera Wang/(insert prestigious respected brand) counter promotor asks if you wanna try their latest scent though. :p

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