Wednesday, May 03, 2006

first run

I've done it. I signed up for the Shape Run 06.

In line with one of my 2006 resolutions to go for a competitive run. I reckoned I should go for a conservative start, and 10km sounds like a perfect aim. It's nowhere near marathon dist (which I tink I might jus die trying), but at least a personal challenge.


So as u can see, making plans for lotsa running. I figured I'd need a new pair of running shoes soon, as my nice red Reebok's getting kinda worn out. Time for more shopping! Heh. :p

Anyone keen on a running date? Heehee. No stress, I run quite slowly. Unless of course u're worried abt me dragging down ya timing instead.

Drop mi a line, a tinkle or a beep! ;)

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