Friday, March 10, 2006

Comfort Date

Just as we turn to sinful comfort food in times of distress, comfort company plays a big part in helping to ease all our misgivings at the end of a long day.

Always feel blessed that I have quite a handful of darling frens I can turn to for such time-outs. =)

Met up with my dear ex-roomie after work on Wed for dinner. We're both at a crazy work period so it was no mean feat to pin down the details of our date.

WX: Shall we meet at sometime between 7 and 730pm?
Me: That sounds alright. If nothing crops up. :p

In the end, we both knocked off only at 7.30! Haha.

A late dinner at Big O was satisfying after a hard day's work. Yummy was the bacon-wrapped chicken leg with mashed potatoes for her, and my sirloin was nicely done with divine mushrooms on the side.

Dinner was peppered with light-hearted musings and of course gossip updates on mutual dear frens. Haha. Somehow we both seemed to have a instinctive silent agreement to put work aside, as it never came up throughout the evening. Guess we really had enough of it for the day. :p

I like to think it comes from our understanding of each other, honed to near-perfection after two years of 'co-habitation'. Heh.

While contemplating the menu for what to order, I eyed the sweet treats at NYDC just across and briefly pondered aloud whether I should have a light dinner to leave room for dessert.

Met with a glare from dear dinner date. Haha, and happily conceded defeat. :p

Me: Ok! Since we've both established the fact that we are BOTH fat already.. heck it!

After our food indulgence, we went book shopping at Borders, and had fun amusing ourselves by browsing books to the likes of "How not to be a little old lady" and "10,000 lies you can tell kids". The latter was really full of ridiculous ideas that we hope no one really tries to dupe their innocent offspring with.

Eg: If you sprinkle thumbtacks on the ground, on rainy days you will see ants picking them up to use as umbrellas.

See what I mean? :p


Anonymous said...

Gee, good summary of our nice dinner date :) I am almost done with reading my little pink book. Shall we arrange for our next sinful session of pigging out or a nuahing session so that we can exchange the books? ;)

b.muse said...

Glad to noe tat it was good for you too! Haha I'm done with two of my books too, now on the third one! :p

Yup yup let's meet up soon. Sometime next week? ;)