Monday, February 13, 2006

Buddy points redemption

The all-so-common scheme of redemption and loyalty programmes that's prevalent everywhere - where you get various perks from points earned by regular patronage. It comes in various forms of premiums and freebies, and is a most common marketing scheme these days.

Was struck by a thought that we actually apply this loyalty programme to friendships too! :p

For buddies who know you well enough to be familiar with your quirks and habits, they tend to be more understanding and accepting, since they already what to expect from you sometimes. Members of my dear Feng gang will know what I'm talking about here when arranging for meeting time! Hahaha. Shan't elaborate too much on this.

Sometimes, enough mileage gained on friendships warrants you a little more slack occasionally, for you to get away with small "trangressions", that might otherwise have landed you in trouble.

I had one such "buddy point redemption" case just yesterday. Oops. :p

Was supposed to meet Feng for an early brekkie date in the morn, and to my horror, woke up way past the meeting time, when she called me to confirm her suspicions that I was not gonna turn up soon.

The worst thing was that we were meeting in Bugis, which is like half an hour from my place, while she stays in Woodlands! So, do some simple maths and u'd realise just how bad I felt, especially considering the distance she had travelled and how much earlier she must have had to haul herself out of bed. PLUS the knowledge that she seldom wakes up anytime before noon on Sundays! =(

I know that I so deserve a tongue-lashing for all the trouble I put her through, but that dear babe simply brushed it off, not even uttering one harsh word.

I was really touched. And my guilt also multiplied tenfold. :p

Even though I bought her brunch in the end at Woodlands, still felt bad about this. And really really thankful for our friendship.

So, this is for dearie Feng: Thanks dear! For not screaming at me, which I so totally deserved.. And being so nice about it. *hugs*

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