Thursday, February 02, 2006


At the kind of ideas people can conjure up.

My, my. Today's papers was an entertaining read - after the DHS front page news, came across this other one featuring the "Romancing Singapore" Campaign. Am still very much intrigued by how we can have campaigns running throughout the year. And still have new ones being churned out year after year!

Anyway, check this out -
Speed dating on kayaks at Bedok Reservoir!

Am I the only person amazed/amused by this?? *tickled*

Having lotsa funny images popping up in my mind while trying to picture what it would be like. Haha.

But I shall keep those evil thoughts to myself, and leave them up to your own imagination. Heh. :p


Anonymous said...

wad?!?! gosh.. the extent to which ppl go to earn money.. must be coz of the fact that vdae is drawing near.. den lotsa ppl will become quite despo.. lol!! den they'll go and try speed dating..
"no experience needed" = "go ahead.. fall into the water.. maybe u'll meet ur luv there!" *sniggerz*
(wonders who will go.... *LOL*)

b.muse said...

Haha, u've said it all for me sweetie. :p

Tink only those who really can kayak would know how ridiculous this is. But good if these ppl sign up.. Can kayak happily away from ppl u dun like. Haha.