Monday, January 09, 2006


Came home after the full-day company retreat feeling dead beat. I attributed it to the weather plus running in and out of the air-conditioning the entire day. Doesn't help that the room we were in was quite stuffy, which doesn't do much for my sensitive nose. :p

After dinner at 8 plus, I decided to make myself cosy in bed with a book.

And promptly KO-ed. All the way till 2am! Woke up and got a drink of water, went back to bed, and this time I crashed all the way to 9.30am. :P

Scary cos I haven't slept like this since Sec sch days, after the Annual Training Camp, where I'll come home and sleep the entire day. Food is secondary cos the body is badly deprived of rest.

But this time it feels strange, cos the day was not particularly strenous, did not do much at all.

I suppose this is my body's way of battling an oncoming cold.

Please please don't let me fall sick with the New Year just round the corner! =l

Feng: Take care and all the best for your Manila project! :)


nottotian said...

Take care of yourself too and don't fall sick!

b.muse said...

Thanks Tian, you too! Hope u're all up and bouncy. :)

Hmm. Looks like the nasty flu bug is making its rounds.. Take care all!! =)