Monday, January 09, 2006

Looking forward to...

With the Haji hols pending ahead, happily made some plans:

KTV date with Ying & Sharon tonight
Long-awaited session! Been wanting to go since like forever, and made a half-hearted attempt at arranging one last Fri, but both babes not available. Time to croon our hearts out! =)

Breakfast with Peixun
My best bud from Pri Sch! Haven't seen her in a long long looooonnnng time - we never seem to find time to meet up. Quite terrible, esp since she lives in joggable distance from my place. Always jog past her block when I run in the neighbourhood park.

An inspired moment, and a few sms-es just now finally set the date. Happy! :D

Have finished my "Memoirs of a Geisha" over the weekend - nice engaging read! But that also leaves me with no novel, trashy or not, to occupy my lazy timeouts. Time to get a new one! Or maybe re-read one of my older books. Hmm.

Gym.. finally
Been ages since I stepped into the gym. *sheepish* And since the weather these days makes it near-impossible to do anything outdoors, MUST haul myself there for a much-needed workout tml!

Calling out to all gym-kakis: let me know if you're interested ya? ;)

Can I just say that I love this month?? ^.^

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