Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend updates

It's a new week once more! Again, happy to say that the weekend went relatively well, leaving me relatively recharged (though having a slight flu now, eeps). =)

Some achievements include::

Fri ~ Jog to ECP (followed by dinner there)
After contemplating this for more than a month, I finally got round to my attempt - jogging to ECP from my neighbourhood park! It's part of the recently completed Park Connector, and thought it would be an interesting route to explore. I hereby conclude that it was an adventure, cos I almost got lost! Haha.

To start with, it was a novel experience for me to be running by the main roads. Even though it was similar to running in NTU during Uni days, bear in mind that those times were in the dead of the night with minimal traffic. In contrast, this time I was running in the evening (7ish) and the traffic was moderate, though much heavier than NTU traffic flow at 1am? Add that to the minimal directional signs which were misleading as well (?!), I must say that the adrenaline rush was compounded with the entire foreign experience and trying to get my bearings as to where exactly I was and which way to run. Luckily for me, though I was pretty hopeless at figuring out which way to go (hey, can't blame me, never tried navigating to ECP via Kembangan!), my dear jogging companion had way better sense of direction and thus, we managed to get to ECP pretty well. Heh, if it were left up to me, we would have ended up running much more, cos I would have led us to Bedok, which means we would have to detour somewhere ard TJ?! Oops..

--- At this juncture, I must digress to clarify that I'm not hopeless at directions k... I pride myself on good map-reading skills (I have ppl to vouch for me!) and recognising my way to places I have been to once or twice. You can't blame me for getting lost when I have never tried a particular route, and have no map to refer to! :p ---

Oki back to my adventure --> We ended up at ECP Food Centre for a sinful dinner - Satay and Sambal Stingray. Was not entirely satisfying, cos I maintain that the food was not up to standard - Not that it was terrible, just not fantastic. The saving grace was a nice cool coconut drink which was v refreshing after that long jog (I measured using the Street directory after that, and it added up to about 6km).

So there, it was not-too-bad for a Friday nite, at least something different and new. *contented*

Sun ~ Shopping date with Wenxin
Met up with Wenxin for a fruitful shopping trip in town! We both managed to find nice nice dresses, which are highly likely to be our CNY clothes. While my buy for the day was a sweet tube dress from Isetan, my ex-roomie managed to buy 3 dresses! Heh, one of them was similar to the one I bought, and we were saying that we can wear them together and look like twins. The two of us shared a fitting room to try on the dresses, and were excitedly (n bimbotically) squealing in delight that they fit nicely and look flattering. *beams* Only those who have tried on a million dresses that somehow fall short of making u say 'must buy!' will understand the delight of finding jus ONE dress that just fulfils both criteria of looking and fitting perfectly. Haha.

Xin: All three dresses look fantastic on u, so dun feel guilty abt buying them! =)

Looking back, realised that Wenxin and I have pretty similar taste in clothes. I remember several instances in years gone by whereby we either see something we both like and buy them in different colors, or we buy some outfit then realise at a later date that the other has bought the exact same thing or something v similar! The most memorable one, I think, was this pullover sweater we bought during our HK trip after A's. It was one of those things that the moment u saw it u knew u have to get it - we all loved this cute bear printed on it. And both of us got the exact same thing in dark blue, while Ying bot it in grey. Haha, it's pretty amusing to think that we wore that to freezing lectures in Uni. Add that to the fact that we were room-mates, must be thankful that we dun take the same course, else we'll prob look a bit freaky.. Heh. Well, the different between us is that we're one size apart, so wun look too alike after all, and usually we like the same design but in dif color, so that's another saving grace to prevent us from looking too scary. :)

So there, another weekend well spent. *smiles*

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