Wednesday, December 07, 2005


平凡 是一种幸福, 真的。

Have never been one who aspires for fame, and I guess I never will. These days, I feel exceptionally blessed that I'm just a typical common citizen, observing with wry amusement the antics of the media and public in exercising their powers over hapless celebrities. Two incidents that stood out were the Star Awards and recent coverage of Takeshi Kaneshiro when he was in town promoting his new film Perhaps Love.

My heart went out to those who are under constant media and public scrutiny, as their lives can never be entirely theirs, with these 'powers' self-righteously claiming the right to be privy to all the intimate ongoings of these so-called celebrities' private lives. All these expectations that they are supposed to take in stride simply cos of their identities must be exhausting. Even I, as an onlooker, feel tired for them, so I can't imagine the full magnitude of their exhaustion. Well, at the end of the day, I suppose it's their choice to be subject to these pressures, and whether to resign to their fate or not. A matter of priorities really. For all I know, they may feel that it's all worth it, given the fame and status they enjoy.


One of those moments when I just appreciate the simple joy of having the freedom to live my own life, and having only myself to answer to. :)

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