Friday, December 02, 2005


Decided to ramble somemore about this.

I'm one who's constantly fascinated by the whole spectrum of differing viewpoints individuals will have on anything and everything. No two people can look at any single thing in exactly the same way, not even twins! Why? Cos everyone has a very unique frame of reference, shaped by every experience that he or she went through since birth, as well as the innate personality that we're predisposed towards. We can be very very similar, but never identical.

Whenever faced with a situation, my nature is such that most of the time, I see multiple perspectives simultaneously, which explains why many a time I can be seen to be indecisive, taking forever to make a decision or stand, simply cos all of them can make sense (or no sense) to me! :p Tat's why I often end up just letting things take their natural course, and then take things in my stride. And whatever happens, I would then take on the most positive (and realistic) outlook, which I find saves a lot of anguish and frustration, and also helps keep my sanity.

Find that people (or maybe Singaporeans) tend to be more critical or pessimistic in their perceptions, such that in evaluating any event or person, their focus will jus incline towards the negative aspects, finding faults and spotting inadequecies. While this may be very much attributed to our culture, learning since young to strive for high efficiency, and demand for it in return, sometimes it just comes from a selfish tendency to 'up' oneself to feel superior by putting others down. This could very well stem from insecurity, which I think the Asian way of relating to others take much of the blame.

Asian collectivism, which emphasises how one contributes to the group or society, contrasts with Western individualism, which stresses on personal rights and development. Thus we find ourselves growing up in a surrounding where those more senior in age, status or rank finding it strange or awkward to show appreciation or praise for good work. Therefore, we often find ourselves subject to comments about 'what went wrong' rather than 'what was well done' - For a million things that went well, the one thing that went awry would be picked out and stressed upon. Such is life here, though it's slowing evolving. And for this very reason, I especially appreciate it when I meet with people who do not take others for granted, and are generous in giving motivation and praise. And I try to show appreciation to others too as much as I can.. Still think that the carrot tends to be more effective than the stick in most cases. =)

Gosh, this feels kinda like a GP Essay! Haha. Anyway, my main point is that in reacting to any situation, it is a choice whether you want to sulk and whinge about it (making yourself and others miserable) or smile and appreciate it (either cos things went smoothly, or that it's something you can learn and grow from, thus becoming a better and stronger person). So.. how now brown cow... Be kind to yourself, and others.. Or turn into some ranting compulsive witch?

Tough choice, isn't it?

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