Saturday, November 05, 2005

Alternate Workday Week.. =D

This week has been pretty shiok.. alternate days of work and rest, and I'm happy to say that the rest days were well spent! =)

Monday - Work day
Good start to the week, cos managed to haul myself out of bed with minimal resistance to go for morning jog, and also accomplished my goal of adding 400m to my usual 2.6km morning run. Haha. It was a great beginning! As usual, work was busy so not much time for blues, plus not really blue cos tue no work! Heh. Dinner at Harbourfront foodcourt was satisfactory as well, though I probably should not have finished the fizzy Coke light, which left me feeling super bloated for a while. :p The jap store is really value for money! $4.50 for a big bowl of spicy ramen with a plate of tori karaage (4pc). Standard not bad as well, so it's a good choice if u're feeling ravenous! :)

Tues - Deepavali
Finally got to play the one video game that I was quite fascinated with - XBox: DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball! Haha, quite fun to be a hot bikini babe, though as expected it was a pretty bimbo game (actually it's not TAT bimbo la, still need to figure out how to play volleyball impressively, ha) but definitely aesthetically pleasing (babes in minimal clothing everywhere! *winks*), and interesting cos gotta engage in some politics (know who to suck up to, and wat to do to suck up to ppl) and explore the plot a bit. Teehee. Then also got to go blading at ECP after tinking abt it like forever! Missed that so much! Was really nice to sweat it out and enjoy the adrenaline rush from the speed. Onli down part was the crowd at the beginning of my route, which proceeded to pack the food centre. Got tired of hunting for seats, so settled for dinner at Bedok Interchange, which wasn't too bad either! :p Ended the evening with a traditional choc ice-cream cone - the one indulgence that spoilt my healthy diet for the day, but was well worth it! *contented smile* All in all, it was an enjoyable day, balance of nua-ing and activity. =)

Wed - Work day
Back to work, and finalised almost everything for my FIRST event next wed.. Everything seems pretty straightforward and settled, so hope this maintains.. :)
Met Zhen n Feng for a nice dinner at Taka Kino's Coffee Club. We had a relatively healthy dinner (shared a divine salad, and had sandwich which was so HUGE we couldn't finish), then strolled about in Kino, going gaga over calendar notebooks and encountering strange freaky man who seemed like he was stalking us! Observant Feng noticed, while typical mi jus oblivious to surrounding ppl, and Zhen also din really notice. :p We then happily proceeded to Paragon's Bakerzin for cake n drinks! As usual, it's hard to fail with Bakerzin, so was a great after-dinner sweet treat. Poor Zhen was coming down with flu so keep sniffling and sneezing thru the night, n Feng was harrassed from irritating ppl from work. Take care ppl, and thanks Zhen for initiating this dinner.. Enjoyable outing! =)
P.S: Xmas decors are coming up! It's that nice time of the year again, when even the rain seems a tad romantic when paired with all the twinkling lights.. :)

Thurs - Hari Raya
Slept in and woke up near noon, then went to give tuition, which was the only work I had to do for the day. Then diligently went to the gym to atone for my indulgence the night before. Managed to last all 35 min on the treadmill on my fastest average speed ever, and chanced upon yoga class, which gave me a good stretch! So good that I could not do anymore after that other than to take a nice hot shower and go off. Was at taka kino AGAIN, decided on getting "Clan of the Cave Bears" after debating forever on two other books. In the end, was in a more "fantasy" mood, so decided on that. Which was a good choice, since I woke up at 1 plus after sleeping for 2 hours, and couldn't get to sleep after that, so got up to read instead. Very engaging book indeed, one of those with good storytelling that draws you into the story.

Fri - Back to work
It's gonna be a long day today. Giving tuition later after work, which means I'll prob reach home ard 10 tonight. Shall read more of my new storybook if I'm not concussed by then. :) Tml working again! But alright lar, console myself that it's a meaningful event! Haha. Will be in town once again (wow, been there 3 times this week!), then followed by tuition again I tink. No plans for the night still, so see how "happening" things get..

As you can see, not really engaging in much intellectual discourse these days, preferring to stick to bimbotic relating of events.. Haha. My brain on holiday too... :p

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