Sunday, October 02, 2005

Children's Day @ the Zoo!

Heh, wat a way to spend my first Sat at my new job - Celebrating Sharity Elephant's birthday at the Zoo!

Almost forgot this cute pink elephant which I absolutely adored in Pri Sch days! Days of being super happy and excited when he comes to make an appearance, also the enthu donating in the red/pink Sharity envelope. Remember?? I'm sure I'm not the only one.. Hee. And yes, he still exists!! For those feeling bo liao or nostalgic, you may wanna check out his website:
Quite pretty right? :p

One of the first things that came to mind after being reminded tat this cutie is still "alive" is that: Are they still using the SAME outfit?? Thankfully not.. But then again, the new costume makes poor Sharity looks like a cross between "high on drugs" and "plain silly grinning"!!?! So sad, cos I seem to recall that it looks quite nice last time. =l Just check out this pic and see if u agree. :p

Well, it was really heartwarming nonetheless to see the children still scampering to take pics or just shake hands with him, and even more so to see some special performances put up by children with disabilities as part of the program. One of those moments that adds meaning to my job. So, for my first event, this is pretty motivating and inspirational. =)

Oh, and guess wat, they still have the Sharity songs! And a whole CD of them somemore!! Haha, the songs are quite nice, (though think the orginal one has been phased out, *sobs* loved that song!) and almost went mad after listening to it being blasted for 8 hours straight! *bleahs*

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