Friday, September 30, 2005

Ironies in Life

Over the years, have been thru uncountable situations and moments where the big "I" hits me, to leave mi exasperated, bemused, frustrated, sad, and a whole spectrum of emotions, variable according to the magnitude or significance of the event in question. Moments like this occur when...

The person that you love the most is does not love you most; the person who loves you most is not the one you love most; the person whom you end up with eventually is neither the person who loves you most, nor the one you love most..

The one person who can stop your tears is the one who makes you cry..

A certain someone can be halfway across the world but feels like he/she's just next to you; Another someone who's just next to you feels like he/she's worlds or miles away..

You are just one person to the world, but to one person you're the world..

You won't know until you try; yet you won't try until you know..

With some people, a glance is all it takes to convey a thousand thoughts; with others it takes a thousand words to explain one glance..

You're at your worst to the ones who deserve the best from you..

Time slows to a crawl in moments of dread; yet flits past when you're having fun..

The person closest to you is not just the one you can do everything with, but whom you can do nothing with..

Just some tots.. Anymore to add? =)

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