Monday, July 11, 2005

-Bumming Days-

I have been a whirlwind of activities recently.. Haha, all non-constructive, pure self-indulgence, but feels good! *grins*

Highlights from last week:
Impromptu Clubbing with Ying @ MS
Was feeling restless and decided to jio Ying out after several failed attempts to meet up.. Was debating whether to catch a show, have coffee or party. Since she ruled out movie, the "obvious" choice seemed to be partying. bleahs. :p Met her after her tuition at 9pm, which caused us to reach MS at 10+.. Gosh been ages since I reached there so early! Went to O Bar, which was for once not packed, and chilled out with drinks on the sofa... Hehe, a bit too chillout for our party mood, and ended up eventually at Newsroom with her colleague and his frens.. Turned out that all of them are our seniors from DHS, so eventually became somethings like a Dunmanian get-together session! Went for dimsum after that (sinful!) and finally turned in at something like 4am.. :p

Ultra-belated bday celebration with Feng and gang
Managed to haul myself to lunch in town, albeit with remnants of stoic hangover.. Was great meeting up with the gang as usual.. Went to this nice Jap restaurant at Cuppage.. Great ambience, fantastic company, and pretty satisfying food.. Bliss!

More Clubbing Action
Met up with Xin after lunch gathering and had nice dinner at Paragon, where we were served by a sweet waiter (hiaz, only Xin will noe wat i mean.. ) then proceeded for this small cafe-sque place called "Chocz".. Had a divine cup of rich dark chocolate.. Mmmm.. Though tink it proved a tad too much, and ended up feeling a bit sick. Pretty typical of wat happens when we two meet up, ended up at MS. Again. :p Well, it was quite fun, since I din really get to dance much the previous night, so this was a bit like making up for it.. Heh, can always count on my best cheonging kaki.. =) Though got chided by her for sms-ing someone thru the night.. oops.

Sunny-turned-rainy day at Sentosa
Bleahs.. Once again, survived on minimal sleep from partying, spent the day at Sentosa with Ying, Sharon and Eric.. I got my tan back! Haha.. Though a bit sunburnt.. :p Felt good to bask in the sunshine and relax with frens.. Nice lazy day.. n took some nice pics of us all smiley and brown! Hee.. not posting any of them here though.. :p

Crazy consecutive 4 days. :p
Had a happening week.. Started on Wed: went to catch F4 in the evening (entertaining if u go without expectations..) followed by clubbing at MS. Newly gained nugget of info: location of MM Lee's residence! Haha, had no idea he actually stays so near to MS! Wonder if he ever contemplates going clubbing.. nvm, tat's just another of my whimsical bizarre wonderings. :p
Thurs, bday celebration for Jared. Dinner followed by drinks at Harry's at Esplanade. Hmm, realised that I have never actually been on such a hall outing.. Ironically, am actually involved in one like AFTER I graduate! Feels like a stone table drinking session, just that location is more glam. Haha. Anyway, that's another late night out. :p
Well, stayed out late AGAIN on Fri.. K-Box with Ying and Sharon. Another last-min arrangement, this time initiated by Ying. Sang till we all a bit sei.. haha. Then yesterday went out again for movie after dinner, this time War of the Worlds. Another entertaining movie though it din really engage me.. Hmm. Still wanna catch my "A lot like Love", and contemplating "Crying out Love from the Centre of the World" or "Be with You".. Argh.

Wow tats quite a crazy list huh.. Oops. Oki, shall aspire to take a more.. wholesome approach to life this coming week. Oh well.. It's always good to aim high. Haha. :p

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Anonymous said...

how likely is a wholesome lifestyle when you have junk buddies like me whoozing temptations to you? so when's our next MS session? well, doesn't really hafta be MS though *cheeky grins