Friday, July 01, 2005

I'm on a mission.

Project De-Clutter, I call it.. Basically tat's jus an attempt to make the entire process sound more chic and glam, doesn't necessarily accurately describes the actual thing. Well, it's always about packaging. Haha.. :p

Anyways, here's my agenda for Project De-Clutter:

1.Termination of all non-constructive-yet-emotionally-draining relationships
Status: Accomplished with effect from 21st June 2005.
Successfully verified and updated status of above-mentioned from "Current" to "History". Resulted in substantial heartbreak (foreseen), minimal tears (unforeseen but brought on by pride) and lotsa comforting hugs (virtual and real) from closed ones.. I'm moving on.. Not exactly devastated cos in a way I saw it coming, and it is for the best.. But of cos that doesn't mean I'm all chirpy and smiles oredi. Once again, gonna take my time to regain my bearings, and regain my "happily single" status.. Thou shalt not cry over spilt milk. Heh.

2. Elimination of exploitative , low-paying job
Status: Accomplished with effect from 27th June 2005.
After this three-month stint, I have come to certain conclusions:
a. I'm definitely NOT a sales person. :p
b. My previous job was actually not the lowest paying or exploitative one I could take up. *gasp*
c. It feels pretty darn good to "throw letter" and leave a job that does nothing much but makes u feel so low about yourself.
People may see it as a rash move, leaving when I haven't found another job yet, but to me, it's always more a case of if I don't leave, I won't force myself to look for a new job. At least, this approach works for me.

3. Take a mini-break and just enjoy doing wat i do best - BUMMING.
Status: In progress
Haha, feels really good bumming.. after having my weekends burnt for nuting for the last two months.. even my colleagues were so envious when I went back to collect my last paycheck yesterday! Currently planning to tidy up everything: my life, my room, my tots, my emotions.. And pamper myself: good FOOD, working out (off to the gym!), partying, reading, meeting up with long lost frens, possibly a holiday.. See, there's actually so much things to do! So, essentially, I'm not really bumming.. Just.. currently working on previously neglected aspects of life... Hee hee. :p

Alrighty, tat's pretty much all I've done for now.. Which is actually quite a heap already.. Shall endeavour to post a more.. intellectual/philosphical/entertaining/contemplative entry yea?

Ciaos, and wish me luck for my Project De-Clutter! :-)

"It isn't what u have, or who u are, or where u are, or what u are doing that makes u happy or unhappy - It's what u think about."

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