Thursday, January 19, 2023

The siege of jetlag

One of the few trivial things in life that have the ability to faze me is jetlag - as previously mentioned, I sleep well and also easily, and truth be told, I secretly (well, not anymore now that I'm sharing it here) think that sleep is a waste of time. Even over doing nothing, or rather, especially over doing nothing. 

So whenever I suffer any form of insomnia, I get SUPER grumpy.

Conversely, whenever I managed to hack jetlag during/after my travels, I'm exceptionally gleeful. It's like cheating fate, you know? 

The trick I've found, is that if you manage to adjust your sleep during the journey home, to the destination timezone, you can pretty much adapt within a day to the normal sleeping hours of the updated hours. But miss that crucial window, and you will be doomed to contend with it for at least five to seven days.

Alas, this last trip was not one of those where I managed to dodge the dread of the body obstinately refusing to register the updated timezone that it's now located. So for just over a week now, I've been hit by waves of sleepiness in the late morning to noon period, energy crash in the early evening, and then the eyes and brain being annoyingly awake from midnight through to the early morning. I feel like I'm hungover half the time, except that I didn't even have any fun imbibing alcohol, so it's pretty much the cost without the actual procurement. Zzzz. No fun. 

Thankfully, it's finally seeming to fade away so I'm feeling less like a zombie now. 

And no matter how tortured I was, it's still worth dealing with, for no matter how long or fleeting the time was, to cross borders into somewhere else, foreign or familiar. That's the travel bug woes I'm ever willing to shoulder. :p

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