Friday, January 20, 2023

Satisfaction from labour

Had an unusually hectic schedule the past week, where it was non-stop all the way daily through the entire week, that reminded me of past lives. Except that rather than feeling embattled and drained, I felt so alive and charged. Heh. That's not to say that I don't get busy now, but these periods are much more spread out, and they also tend to occur from market trends rather than overcapacity. A huge difference from the daily fire-fighting where one hardly had time to catch your breath, ever.

14 months into this firm and role, I've found a comfortable groove between the daily tasks while also juggling various projects and other mandates that come through with varying timelines and priority. Being in a centralised function also meant that my touchpoints with other colleagues and stakeholders are more spread out across the region rather than being focused on a select group based in the same office, and I quite enjoy the variety and the exposure to a larger group. It allows me to have a more comprehensive of the firm's offering and strengths across the region and globally too. 

With the current work situation, there is a rather nice balance where most days the hours are quite humane and there is often actual space and bandwidth for the brain to properly process and add value to the work I'm involved in, making it really enjoyable and challenging in the best ways. A very nice surprise and stark contrast to the previous roles in the last decade. What a breath of fresh air. 

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