Sunday, February 06, 2022

New update: The love for routine

Pretty much since I've had a conscientious presence of mind, I've abhorred routine and organisation. I don't know why nor how, but I've always detested it, preferring to be spontaneous, reactive and living my best life when I feel like I don't know what's around the corner, or the next day. 

I took pride in being a "free spirit" and thrived on "adaptability". Predictability was a dirty, dirty word in my dictionary in four decades of existence. 

So imagine my horror to realise sometime last year, that I was actually starting to appreciate, and dare I say, love routine. *gasp* 

Me. This person I knew intimately, who used to happily bring all her textbooks and worksheets to school daily rather than pack her bag the previous night, way back since primary school years. 

Nowadays, I actually derive satisfaction from preparing my outfit for the next day and my work/workout bag each evening before bed. I have my specific morning routines down pat, depending on whether it's a weekday that I work from home or the office, or a weekend - workouts, morning walks, and the default kopi-o and eggs for breakfast. Who am I?! 

Perhaps it comes from finally becoming an adult, and grudgingly acknowledging that being organised and prepared is really not a bad thing after all. It also stems from my self-awareness that I am really, really NOT a morning person, so anything I can do the night before that makes it less painful and arduous to start my day, is an act of kindness from present me to future me. 

After so long, I finally understood why my mum nagged and nagged me to always prepare for the next day before I go to bed. :p Hurhurhur.

Whatever it is, after a few weeks of feeling a twinge of guilt for betraying that younger me, I learnt to appreciate and embrace this newfound habit of being predictable and organised. After all, it still serves my innate laziness, and that freedom of not having to expend more braincells because I've already done the preparation, is a pretty freeing and pleasing feeling. Do what's best for me, yada yada. 

In essence, I'm still me, lah. Just with a significant update in my OS, which has proven to improve efficiency and minimised some glitches. Heh.

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