Sunday, November 25, 2018

Testing a new route

Trying out a new routine, just to see if it helps me establish some habits that I keep wanting to reinstate in my life, only to fail time and again.

My main weakness is simply that of my own. The lack of self-discipline and will, to do what I need to, and not just give in to all manners of senseless distractions that deliver no value whatsoever. 

So rather than trying to leap straight to a disciplined routine, I decided that what I need might just be to put myself in a situation where I am much less likely to be distracted. 

If I can't get to my destination via this same route that I keep taking and wandering from, then perhaps this roundabout, apparently less efficient one might work. Getting there using more time and effort is better than just not getting there at all, no?

So here I am, sitting at a coffeehouse, plugged into my earphones and drafting my first blogpost in five months. 

It feels good. It feels hopeful. Let's hope it sticks. 

I may have to finally stop judging people who sit at cafes with their laptops. And acknowledge they are the true wise ones who knew better all along. 

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