Saturday, November 25, 2017

My girly dates

Been spoilt with a slew of dates with the precious girlfriends in my life, and it's always so soothing for the soul: there was a dinner date with the wondersis, where we bemoaned the closure of our favourite comfort foodstall; then the bestie who was in town for a layover before heading to her amazing Maldives vacay portioned out a few hours after her family dinner to grab drinks with me and chat about the most random stuff in our lives; and then there was a super random lunch date with dear Impy on a day I worked from home and texted her on a whim. The poor woman had just got home and practically went out right away again just to meet me for a quick lunch.

No matter the state of my life at any one point, the constant has always been these lovely girlfriends, and quite a handful more. Really nothing more I could ask for, and ever thankful to be so so loved.

Thank you for always indulging my whims, and loving me to much. xoxo.


nua-ster said...

**insert "泪奔" onionhead emoticon**

b.muse said...

@nua-ster: Haha. Hugs!

imp said...


b.muse said...

@imp: Muacks!