Friday, November 24, 2017

Farewell my fabulous red shoes

Chucked this lovely pair of heels finally, with a heavy heart. The inner side of the right shoe had ripped a little a couple of months ago, and I had still insisted on wearing them. "Nobody noticed so it's fine", I whispered furtively to myself, deep in the throes of delusion.

Until one day when the eagle-eyed AB spotted the rip and stared at me ludicrously, "You can't wear these anymore Baby, you're gonna fall one day."

Of course he was right. I knew that - I just refused to acknowledge it. But now that The Voice of Reason has spoken, there was no other choice but to toss them down the bin. Sobs.

It's very bimbotic of me, but not all heels are equal, you know? Well, I know, because I have quite a collection of them (ahem I know, I have a problem). Some look amazing but are bloody high maintenance (you can't wear them for more than a couple of hours); some go with any outfit and instantly makes you look much more put together when you throw them on; and some have so much character or spunk that you know when you put them on, they are the highlight of the entire outfit.

Then there are those special ones who make you feel invincible and have the world at your feet. (Or maybe it's just the crazy height).

This pair I had to throw out was one of them special ones. And the best part? They look scarily high, but are in fact one of the most comfy pair of heels I ever owned - it's part of what makes them so fantastic. Not to mention that gorgeous shade of red. Got my heart hard, from the day I purchased them.

I must say I have been quite impressed with the longevity of them - had these for a good three years now, and I wore them quite often too (they are one of the regular work heels I wear at least three days per week). I have a record for wearing out shoes really quickly, so they truly lasted way longer than I had expected.

So yes, I am quite gutted, and have to post a tribute in loving memory of these fabulous shoes. 💔

You were brilliant, and I loved you for making me feel and look awesome, every single time. 

Goodbye beautiful, I will always remember you. 🌹

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