Monday, March 13, 2017

Note from the future

Only because I'm doing my usual stunt of back-dating this post. Ha. The actual date I am writing this is.. shamefully, 4 June 2017. Eeps.

I am so behind that it's not even remotely funny. UGH.

Contemplating the amount I need to catch up on (erm well, only 2.5 months and counting..!), the heart sank a little, but at the same time, I accept that I am the only person who can be responsible for hitting or missing these self-imposed goals. Sure, I allowed life to get in the way, and I definitely have the easy option of just binning the original plan to have daily posts, and resume from wherever I presently am right now. But I am still unwilling to do that, yet. Simply because when I dig deep into the depths of my procrastinating heart, I know that I have not tried my best yet.

So there. This is my Xth attempt at catching back up on my daily posts. I might succeed this time, I might not, but at the very least I know I'm gonna make a better effort at achieving it. It's all about time management - the one key skill I am determined to get better, much much better at doing this year.

Wish me luck, and hopefully one day in the not too distant future, you will see a post published on the date that it was meant for. :p


nua-ster said...

haha.. life did not get in the way! 'life' is providing u w more inspiration for your entries.. ;p

b.muse said...

@nua-ster: Muacks! Trust you to always see me in the best light (and angles hahaha).

nua-ster said...

oh oh! do another note from the future for ur level up day! hehehe.. ;)

fan's request!

Anonymous said...

2.5 months of backlog is nothing. It took me 4.5 years to find my blog again. Hahaha. Keep writing roomie!

imp said...

I'll still read whenever you feel like writing. :)

b.muse said...

@nua-ster @roomie @imp: Aww so love! Thanks guys, yes will still keep writing!! Thanks for the support!