Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Anti-gravity Yoga: Fun!

Happy space :D
The gym often feels like a giant playground to me, and this is one of the reasons why. Incidentally it was also a big pull factor when I decided to switch to this gym when I wanted to switch my membership.

I love, love, love this class - to me, it's reminiscent of various different activities, which are all fun stuff I enjoy doing. All while getting some strength training in. So much win. Yaay!

First off, it always reminds me of a super swing, which is also my playground fave, except you can do so much more, and it's considered working out.

And while it's technically a yoga class, it's much more dynamic in some ways than a regular practice. While I recognise the yoga postures that have been improvised to incorporate the use of the "hammock" to help you deepen your bends and stretches, the various inversions and flips actually reminded me of all the fun tricks we used to do back in my wild high school days - I say wild cos I was a tree-climbing, flip-around the parallel bar, tent-pitching Girl Guide - which just sounds like one of those uncivilised elf living in the woods. Heh.

The difference from then and now? Doing these flipping around now require much more strength from the arms, legs and core, since you are doing all these using a piece of cloth hooked to the ceiling. There were quite a few positions that can be a bit tricky to get into during the first attempts, and you really need your arm and core strength to hold yourself steady while manoeuvring into place. That awesome burn. 

Did I mention that all the poses sound super bad-ass as well? Superman, Bat, Queen Bee.. I can't help but grin and feel like a superhero when getting into these. Not forgetting the swinging using your core to balance, tummy down and using your arms and posture to propel you into bigger, higher swings. I was transported back to that exhilarating experience with the trapeze one holiday in Bintan some time back.

And that's why after every class, I walk out on a high, not sure if it's from all those inversions rushing blood to the brain, or just because it felt like a fun hour at an air-conditioned playground. Heh.

Either way, I'm definitely hooked. ;) Now to convince myself to set aside more time for this, despite the low caloric burn. Because it makes me a happy, happy girl. :D


imp said...

I still haven't gone for a proper class. I'm scared of faceplanting!

b.muse said...

@imp: You will be awesome at it! All that pilates and parkouring will have honed your senses on how NOT to faceplant, plus the instructors are really good at checking alignment as well! :D

imp said...

Please buy me a neck brace when I faceplant and twist my neck. taaankyew.

b.muse said...

@imp: HAHAHA, you funny imp - ok I help you go after the gym if that happens! :p provided you didn't do that cos you were a naughty student disregarding the instructors and doing your own flipping around ah! Well I will still help in that case, but I might laugh or scold you first. Oof.