Tuesday, June 26, 2007

tongue-in-cheek, or not?

In the midst of an eventful week, I had the privilege of experiencing some platinum customer service experience..


Your credit card company calls to offer you a complimentary account upgrade, with five times the amount of rewards earned, and five times the validity period. In addition, your current points, about to expire, would be carried forward and granted the same extended validity.

You gladly accepted, not knowing what you were in for.

For the next four months, you find yourself having to make numerous calls to enquire on the status of this upgrade, receiving not a squeak after that, save for two additional calls from different persons with the exact same offer.

Your card finally arrives. Your points, which expired, were not brought over.

No longer trusting the 24-hour phone banking service, you wrote in to request for reinstatement of the points as promised, explaining the entire sequence of events in an extremely civil tone.

Three days after your message was sent, you receive a reply saying that the points were reinstated, with the request to redeem them 'as soon as possible'.

Six days after, you receive a reminder to redeem these reinstated points within the next seven days, or they will expire.
The same points that expired due to their inefficiency, which you were promised an extension to five-year validity.

You only see these two messages a day before the supposed expiry date. Throughout, there was not a single direct call to placate or update you.

Sounds ridiculous?

With sillybank, it's not that hard to imagine.





yuling said...

hahaha, you very funny! :D

good luck with the card!

Anonymous said...

eiooow. i HATE dealing with banks. some dodo bank gave me a card and the Creditline too. somehow, i apparently paid the credit card bill with creditline and forgot all about it. i incurred late payment charges that can't be waived.

i hate banks. :(

b.muse said...

yuling: Hahaha, yea the entire process was so ridiculously horrible that I got rather amused. :p

imp: Can't be waived?! More likely they can't be bothered. I hate that a lot of times you need to be nasty to get some proper service. Bleah.