Thursday, May 03, 2007


boredom + whims = impulsive video rentals

A listless bemusedtots went video-browsing on May Day, partly due to the current titles been screened all failing to rouse any interest. Also, it's a cost-efficient way to enjoy certain shows that need not be watched in the cinemas in the comfort of sweet home. Not to mention the current rainy season being highly incentive to hole up at home with books and films to prevent death by boredom.

I gleefully breezed out of the shop with a membership and five titles to enjoy for the week. Wasn't very difficult to choose the shows, as there turned out to be quite a number I intended to watch but never got round to. So it was pretty much 'spot n grab'. Wisely stopped at five cos I knew if I continued browsing I'll get stuck on choosing.

The loot:
1. Thank You for Smoking
2. Lost in Translation
3. Shutter (request by blame-less)
4. The Butterfly Effect
5. Just Like Heaven

And the couch beckons..



mummybean said...

i liked thank you for smoking. let me know if the butterfly effect is any good!

b.muse said...

beanbean: Oh Butterfly Effect's nice! Watched it before already, and loved it. This one is a 'repeat telecast, back by popular demand' for me. Hee.

zewt said...

why dont you try series... stuff like grey's anatomy, prison break or 24... will keep you glued to your seat without having to choose which to watch... u just keep watching...

b.muse said...

zewt: Oh I watch series too! Love SATC, Grey's Anatomy, House, Prison Break etc. Yet to try 24 though.

But that's TV, films are a different medium, and each has its own appeal. :)

zewt said...

well... 24... once you start, you wont be able to stop... it's just so addictive. but season 1 is not that good... the thrill begins season 2 onwards.