Monday, April 30, 2007


Having only recently ventured into the fantasy genre in my reading, thus far bemusedtots had been lacking in much zeal in it. Perhaps due to a poor choice/luck in the books that I've been picking up - often it takes triple the amount of time to go from cover to cover. Should this bookworm chance upon another read midway through, the odds are high that this other diversion would be completed earlier.

But this latest foray into that make-belief world was an absolute delight.. Such that I hardly even felt inclined to read the other books on my bedside! Even the sheer volume did naught to put me off, though it gave the sister a shock to see it laying on the bed, almost the same thickness of my bolster it was, no kidding.

As I ploughed diligently through the volume the past few days, I'm starting to appreciate the appeal it has to fans.. I could seriously like this stuff, getting captivated and happily lost in the whimsical stories.

Did I mention the fact that I got it at a steal of $5 at some book sale? Definitely value for money - whether you're talking about volume, or satisfaction delivered. :p

I shall probably seek the advice of experts for subsequent reads as interesting as this. Hee.



imp said...

heee. i started this book at midnight. and refused to put it down! i took leave the next day just to finish it!

my bog's sidebar underneath "about me" right at the top has quotes frm books i'm reading. so can check it out on amazon and reviews first before u decide if it's your cup of tea!

yuling said...

thanks for sharing, jun and imp. i'll go search for the book soon! =)

heh, it certainly helps that the cover is pretty classy. :p

b.muse said...

imp: Wow took leave to finish!? power you..
Yup I always get intrigued by the quotes in your blurb.. Shall go check them out.. thanks! :)

yuling: Yes yes it's super nice! they have it in black or dark red too, even classier! :p

蓝月 said...

i ran out of books to read recently. :) this will be my next read.

b.muse said...

蓝月:Hi there! =)

Oh are you into fantasy too? A good read definitely. Hope you enjoy it as much! :)