Wednesday, April 18, 2007

snooze n run

For hopeless snooze fans (yours truly included): an alarm clock that runs away and hide so you have to get up to find it!

Chanced upon this gadget online.. Too cute, I say! And ingenious too, says this snooze addict who has been guilty of oversleeping thanks to my 'just 5 minutes more..*hits button*' habit. :p

It even comes with a name: Clocky! Haha.



yuling said...

wahaha! like it's right out of a fairy tale! a running clock! :p

b.muse said...

yuling: Heh ya man.. Was having funny imagery in my mind when reading the description.

mummybean said...

that's so cute! though i'm sure i won't be finding it cute anymore when i actually have to go get out of bed to get it!

b.muse said...

beanbean, aokisan: Haha I know.. but disgruntled you may be, at least you would definitely be awake! Hee.

I suppose it better be made from hardy stuff to make sure it grouchy owners then. :p