Wednesday, April 25, 2007

half a heart

bemusedtots has this habit of letting the things in her cubi pile and pile.. Until one fine day when it finally gets to her. Then she would embark on a flurry of housekeeping. At the end of it, a spic n' span clear workspace is oh so refreshing, that she would resolve to maintain it.

But of course, that's merely wishful thinking. :p

Last week was one of those phases. But as of now, it's what I would call a half-hearted attempt - cos while half the cubi - the space I'm facing - is therapeutic clear, the other half behind my back, could best be themed.. organised chaos.


I shall endeavour to recollect some of those enthusiasm and just finish it up within this week.

Such is the falling of a short attention span. Bleah..

Focus! Focus! Focus!!



Ally said...

haha the first para sounds like me too!

b.muse said...

oriental queen: hee. it's just a cycle that keeps repeating itself over n over.. :p