Saturday, July 15, 2006

ready, get set..

All prepped for my first competitive run (NOT including the silly sch cross country that's compulsory in sec sch of cos!).

1. The loot: collected @ MS yesterday. :)

2. My jogging companion, jus over a month old!

3. Impulse buy of the day: carrier for my baby (see above). Heehee. :p
Oh, mine's the one below. Top one's my sis'. Just tot it looks rather amusing like this, no? :)

All excited, and having last min jitters, such as silly worries like fearing whether I will oversleep and wake up at the flagoff time.

Gulps. Ok paranoid pig alert. :p

Shall just try and sort out my playlist, then turn in soon.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

cool!!! 2 mths back, i considered...for all of 2 mins whether i should sign up and run. i didn't!! hheheehe. was it a fun outing?

b.muse said...

Oh you run too? Heehee you shd consider longer next year! :p

It was pretty fun! Except that probably cos it was the first time they organised a run, some cock-ups here and there. :)

Anonymous said...

no no. i didn't run. heheh. i too lazy. will think about it next year. do a 5km fun run.