Thursday, March 23, 2006

Innovation in the smallest things

Spotted on Shop N Save newspaper ad today:

Six-pack JJ brand Bandung
Available in flavours of: Rose /Banana /Lychee /Mango


My goodness. Even the humble bandung has to keep up with the age of innovation. Amazing isn't it? I take my hats off to the people whose jobs are to come up with all these mind boggling ideas for their products to remain competitive.

Brings to mind recent articles about the closure of RotiBoy. I suppose every business needs to keep up with trends in order to always do well. Survival of the fittest it is, indeed.

Guess we all need to remember the importance of staying relevant and get our butts off those laurels, ya? Else, you might just be the next one to get discarded from obsolence! =l

So, banana bandung, anyone? :p

I might just give the lychee one a try. Haha.

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