Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Had a good brekkie get-together with my Pri Sch best bud yesterday. It's amazing how far two hours can go in renewing that comfortable candour and familiarity that seemed to have faded in the long time we spent apart. Glad that some things never change, despite time and age.

Over a cosy meal at our neighbourhood Mac's, which was fortunately not packed despite it being a Public Holiday, we chatted easily, updating each other on the ongoings of our lives, as well as mutual contacts.

Not forgetting nuggets of gossip as well - girls will be girls! Haha.

Peixun was my first best friend. We were in the same class from Pri 2-6, and were practically inseparable at our closest. Being a real competitive kid who was obsessed with grades (no thanks to my super kiasu aunt, mother to a cousin in the same school AND age), she was the one who made me realise there's actually more to life than how I scored for the class spelling/test/exam. Also the first to start me on neverending telephone conversations (much to the agony of my dear mum, heh). Oh, and she's the first to evoke feelings of possessiveness and jealousy in me too! Remembered feeling resentful when we got to know this other girl from another class in choir, that got on fantastically with her. Geez. Looking back on those days, I'm exasperatedly bemused when recalling my attention-seeking antics then. :p

We aspired to get into the same sec sch, but a fateful case of chicken pox during PSLEs caused a less-than-satisfactory performance from her, and we ended up going to different schools. I was really crushed when we got back our results for that reason, though I also did not fare as well as I probably should. And only mum could tell exactly why.

A cousin trying to console me when we were going home after results were released:
"Don't be sad, you actually did quite well wat. At least you can still get into your 1st choice sch!"

My mum's wry reply: "You think she's sad about her grades? She's sad about not being able to get into the same school as Peixun lor!"

Oops. :p

Haha, mum knows best. And I think she was really aghast that while she was not too pleased with my mediocre performance, I was also downcast for a totally different reason. Ya, she can still go on sometimes about that. Heehee.

Happy to know that everything's going well for her, and some worthy guy has finally won her heart. :)

We promised to stay in more frequent contact, and probably visit each other during CNY.

A morning of reminiscence well spent. =)

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