Wednesday, January 11, 2006

(Mis)adventure at work

Was typing up something for work just now to be sent to a colleague in another division. After doing all the edits and changes advised by boss, attached the doc to my email and was just about to send out when boss called for more changes.

Updated the changes accordingly, saved and reattached the doc to send.

Some nagging instinct compelled me to check the attachment I emailed in my sent folder.

My heart nearly stopped - the changes were not saved! I frantically opened the doc from my desktop, and see the same old doc, without a single change. It was almost as if I conjured up the new doc in my imagination.


Luckily for my absence of a gan-jeong-spider nature, managed to remember almost all the changes, and asked one of my dear colleagues (who helped me with the editing earlier) to check and we both managed to redo all the changes again. Made sure I saved it under a different filename this time before sending again.

*wipes brow*

Ok, I'll fess up to doing a "silent shriek" in my mind (ala Ally McBeal) while scrambling to rectify the situation, but am still thankful that most times I am able to keep my cool, which helps infinitely rather than panicking. Calm, systematic thinking on one's feet tends to the most effective way of dealing with crises, most if not all times.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just a bit S.L.O.W in reacting, such that by the time the "arrrrggghhhh!!!" registers in my head, it's too late to engage in theatrics, so might as well just deal with it and focus on solutions. Haha.

Oh well, still, it was some excitement for a sleepy day in the office, thanks to dreary weather that never seems to end.


Looking forward to a warm homecooked dinner by mummy dearest, who's off work today. =)

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