Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wish list On a Tuesday Afternoon

1. Shop, shop, shop, shop, shop...
Counting down to pay day! =D I hope I dun go crazy and overspend! :p

2. Catch a movie.
No, make that four movies: The Myth, Wait Till You're Older, Corpse Bride, Everlasting Regret Not in order of preference. Anyone interested? ;)

3. Go swimming!
Just found out jus how near Buona Vista Swimming Complex is to my office.. Shall endeavour to haul myself there someday SOON.

4. Ice-skating
Missed the freezing Fuji Ice Palace! The feeling of gliding on the ice with tingly cold air rushing past.

5. Blading at ECP
Added thrill of fear of falling cos feels shakier, but get to bask in the sun! Hmm, should try nite blading some day..

6. Go for a nice meal/coffee somewhere classy
To add aesthetic value by acting "chio" and lounging somewhere indulging in good food. Bliss..

7. Curl up in bed n just read
My natural inclination towards a snail-like existence. Just wanna read and escape into this stage where I lose track of time.

8. Have a nice self-pampering session.
Spa? Massage?? Mani/Pedicure??? At the present stage most likely to settle for a mani/pedi.. I wanna b a tai tai! :p

9. A PROPER clubbing session
Of cos not without my clubbing kaki! Tink we're left even more unsatisfied from the last trip. Haha.

10. Do nuting.
Stone. Vegetate. Mushroomise. You get the idea.


Anonymous said...

item 9 completed! teehee. me & fang gg mani/pedi, jio u when we go :)

b.muse said...

Oh okie, where u all going? I jus saw this place in HV the other day actually that looks pretty nice, quite gian.. haha. :)