Saturday, October 08, 2005


Was disgruntled and sian past few days cos my plans to go for early jog b4 work were foiled by the stupid rain, and this sian-ness was compounded by my suddenly hectic schedule of working and tuition almost daily. =l

But it's ok now! Was feeling super gao3 wei4 yesterday, and decided to "ponten" tuition. To go jogging. Haha. Talk about misplaced priorities! But for the sake of my mental wellbeing it was a good move. Accomplished my aim of two complete rounds at the park downstairs and felt so much better. =D

Contented and balance restored. For now. Heh..

Gonna have a packed weekend again.. But I'm not complaining.. Except maybe for the fact that I have to wake up extra early tml for event. Humm.

Have a good weekend! =)

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