Saturday, January 14, 2023

Special mission: The chocolate cake do-over

A week after the fake chocolate cake fiasco, the dear MIL was still rather sore about it, and explained to me the rationale for her disappointment: the family loves chocolate, and as they rarely partake in cakes except for festive celebrations, having a nice chocolate cake is a special pleasure that they look forward to on such occasions. 

For Christmas, the brother-in-law had gotten a cake from a famed patisserie near where he lives, and while it was delicious, it was a light vanilla cream cake, so the in-laws were already slightly disappointed. No matter, there was still New Year's, they consoled themselves. 

So when the MIL had taken pains to verify with the sales assistant that the cake she had her eye on was a chocolate one, only to find out that the only chocolate it contained were the four slabs on the outside of the cake, she was really upset. She even took photos and went back to the bakery to voice her displeasure. 


On the last day of this trip, I detoured to the same patisserie as that was their favourite after all, barring the whole drama, and procured 4 individual slices of chocolate cakes for us to share. Nobody could stomach a full cake after all the feasting over the past weeks, but I figured that it would at least make up for the disappointment which had marred the celebrations ever so slightly. 

The way my bellemere's eyes shone when we told her we bought cakes for dessert was so worth the effort. "Chocolat!!" she exclaimed excitedly with joy. Haha.

It was fitting to end our last meal together with that delicious dessert. Sweet and complete. 

Chocolate is a necessity of life

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