Monday, November 27, 2017

The bizarre love affair

I took this happy OOTD and sent it to the bestie. Love this pair of comfy capri leggings which may not be the most flattering pair I own, but definitely ranks high on the list of those which just brightens my mood wearing them.

Flashback to just two years or so back, when I remember famously whinging on Instagram the possibility of having to don a pair of leggings for my very first dance performance. I actually went to H&M to try on leggings to try and desensitize my repulsion towards them.

Such a drama queen, eh. 

Who would have guessed that within months, I would start slowly liking the feel and look of leggings. And that this piece of active wear which I used to cringe at, would now be a staple in my sportswear wardrobe?

It just shows how fickle my brain is. Or perhaps, it's just fashion doing its usual, when something takes off in popularity, the variety and choices available then expands such that it's much easier to find a cut or fit that flatters. #stilltryingtoselfjustify

Heh. *shrugs*

I likey :)


imp said...

It’s called ‘no choice’. It’s super practical for every type of workout. And probably because the designs of leggings got way better!

b.muse said...

@imp: Heehee, yeah man. Plus other enabler friends who help to sniff out nice designs and bargains. ;D