Wednesday, March 22, 2017

In one piece

I love the breezy playfulness of rompers and playsuits. Somehow, they just have that unique touch of casual chic that sets it apart from other outfit choices - it tends to look less formal than a dress, but a notch more put together than a two piece combo (top with jeans/shorts/skirt).

I never used to like wearing them though - well, not on myself anyway. I loved the playfulness of the designs, but would bemoan that my body proportions are not the chic, slim figure that tend to carry these pieces effortlessly. Whenever I've tried on a cute piece spotted on the racks while shopping, the fitting room experience usually ends up with a grimace at the lumpy reflection in the mirrors.

Thankfully, in recent years, fashion designers have now become more inclusive of other body types (or perhaps I have just become more savvy at spotting better cuts/fits for my figure, heh). These days I find that you can carry most styles, no matter your size or shape - you just need to find the pieces that suit you best.

It all started with a certain cute Mango romper that I spotted a couple of years ago. While I had reluctantly resigned to myself that it's just one of those fashion looks that I can never pull off, I decided to try it, just for the fun of it. And amazingly, it fitted well and actually looked nice, if I may say so myself. That one purchase made me open to trying this dreaded cut more, and I have since scored a nice collection of them in the wardrobe.

One of my favourite things about these pieces? For social dancing, it's a fantastic option - eliminates the stress of accidentally flashing someone when executing multiple or quick turns, and also helps one to stay relatively cool on the dancefloor in our warm climate where one can get work up a sweat too easily after a handful of consecutive dances, even with strong air-conditioning.

So here is my declaration of affection for these flirty pieces. All brought about by a random OOTD I snapped of my outfit while heading out for a dance event. :D

Love elevators with mirrors. 😂

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