Friday, March 17, 2017

Hello Kitty flight!

I was extremely tickled to get on one of the famed Eva Air/Sanrio flights coming back from Taiwan to Singapore. AB's mum was amazed and went trigger-happy with everything from the fa├žade to the interior and the meals throughout the flight. She also surreptitiously collected a small pack of the various small decor and items (nothing that wouldn't have been disposed of post flight anyway, of course) for her little imp of a granddaughter who is a huge HK fan (yes, she gets exposed and access to these all the way in Europe, that's the reach of this mouthless kitty!).

Me? I was thrilled but not squealy, just gleefully taking various snaps of the merchandise (and the horror of the Hello Kitty embossed toilet paper!) for records. I did sneakily asked for a pack of poker cards for keepsake. :p

All in all, it made for a cheery end to this much needed break, thanks for the memories Taiwan, am sure I will see you again.

The plane in all its glory

Pastel cabin!

Donkey fits right in

A friendly kitty that is not making rude signs

Very decent toiletries

Oh the horror

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