Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Green, brown and yellows

Not my favoured colour palette usually, but there's just one exception when this combination brings me lots of smiles and joy.

Specifically when I am tucking into a delicious hearty lunch post gym session, with all these colours in their naked glory - fresh, unadorned and undressed. Mmm hmm. 

These salads from The Daily Cut impress with their generous and tasty protein options that definitely fill you up. In fact, I seldom get them on days that I don't work out - it almost feels like I haven't done enough to need such a hearty meal! Also their dedication to taste never fails to impress, even with my mediocre tastebuds, I can tell that they are constantly working to make their selections appetising without compromising on being clean and natural with their cooking. When even their tofu taste good, you know these peeps mean business. 

A happy meal, everytime. Also because when I have these for lunch, it meant that I made it to the gym for a workout. Double win. ;)

All my faves! And no, I don't eat with a pen, heh.

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